Most people seem to think that there is no science behind interior design. However, the fact of the matter is that, like with any other art movements throughout history, the field has undergone a series of periods with their own distinct aesthetic.

For instance, there is the traditional interior design style. It is considered to be classic and stems from the European styles of old. Typically, these designs feature elaborate moldings and wood paneling as well as the incorporation of elegant furnishings and antique pieces. In terms of textiles, more expensive clothes such as velvet, cashmere and silk will be used to capture that old world essence.

This is worlds apart from what we call a Contemporary interior design style. More often than not, designers would use wide open spaces and unusual layouts to bring in as much natural light as possible. Designers would also go for neutral colors, as opposed to the vibrant shades commonly associated with traditional designs. Some would even make use of metal sculptures to serve as accent pieces.

These are just some of the different interior design styles. So, be sure to explore all your options.